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An illustrated dark adventure about life and death

Beyond the Sky

Beyond the Sky is a dark point and click graphic adventure. The protagonist is Selene, a young lady who, tricked, finds herself alone in a dark wood and must find a way to escape and fullfill her dream of reaching the Moon. Beyond the Sky is a narrative game which features challenging logical puzzles but it's also a mysteroius journey in search of the sense of life and death.
The game will be available for Windows and Mac OS.


  • Narrative oriented philosophical game about life and death
  • Logical puzzle focused adventure: puzzles integrated with story, no item combination and pixel hunt
  • Unique and peculiar graphic style, entirely hand-drawn
  • Interesting dark atmosphere
  • Great original soundtrack

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Beyond the Sky is in development and there’s still no release date. If you’d like to be updated on Beyond the Sky, please follow us on Facebook or Twitter or subscribe to the newsletter


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Some concept pictures, screenshots and videos. Beyond the Sky is in the early stage of development and these pictures may not represent the final product.

Gameplay trailer


Beyond the Sky screenshot

About Us

Iperurania Arts logo

We’re Iperurania Arts, a small Italian team of two game developers and a cat: Federico Mercurio, Giulia Mariella and Jones. Now we’re working on Beyond the Sky, our biggest and most important project. Our goal is to make intriguing and good-looking games, fun to play and with a unique style.

First of all, we’re lovers of games, music, movies, literature and art and we’d like to show this in our creations. We’re inspired by classics and masters of videogames (i.e. Double Fine games and LucasArts adventures) and by the dark and gothic tones of Tim Burton’s and Guillermo del Toro’s cinema or by movies like Bram Stoker’s Dracula. We’re also inspired by literature, especially by Latin and Greek classics, French chivalric romance, Italian medieval literature, Shakespeare’s works, English romanticism and the biggest contemporary authors as well as by masters of art like Caravaggio, Canova and Gustav Klimt. Our purpose is to put whatever we love in our works making something new, beautiful and engaging.

Get to know us better:

Giulia Mariella

I’m Giulia, co-founder of Iperurania Arts, co-maker of Beyond the Sky and artist of the team. My tasks include whatever regards graphics, from character design to animations. In short everything you’ll see in the game – characters, places, animals and so on – has been hand-drawn by me.

Federico Mercurio

Co-founder of Iperurania Arts along with Giulia, I’ve always had a passion for toys and games, either board games or videogames, as well as for computer programming for entertainment. I’m the game designer, writer and programmer of Beyond the Sky.


Jones is 5, is a cat and is a vital member of the team. His tasks include reminding us to take a break and eat, alleviating our stress and covering all team members of scratches. He takes his chores very seriously!