A dark point and click adventure

Help Selene escape from a dark forest and defeat her biggest fear in an engaging and captivating point and click adventure game.


Solve dozens of puzzles and put your wits and logic to the test.


Enter a narrative universe rich with mystery, where references ranging from the classics of Greek and Latin literature to contemporary movies, classical art and pop culture are perfectly blended.


Dive into an original and fantastical graphic style, in which every little detail is completely hand-painted.

Talking about us

Beyond the Sky offers difficult logical puzzles well integrated with the plot, a deep narration, a very peculiar graphical style and an ethereal atmosphere.
Beyond the Sky hit us from the first moment with its poetic impact, its unique style and the ability to combine the essence of a visual novel with the typical gameplay of the classic point and click.
Adventure's Planet
Beyond the Sky is a sort of experiment merging gaming entertainment and literature.
Corriere della Sera
The puzzles that the player will have to face in the course of the story are well structured and propose solutions properly reasoned, based only on logical deductions and so avoiding the casual combination of objects or the reckless pursuit of screen elements to interact with.
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